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Firefighter/Paramedic and Firefighter/EMT

Employment Opportunity

Limited Term and Part-Time

Firefighter/Paramedic or Firefighter/EMT

Lateral Candidates encouraged to apply

Application and Resume Deadline: August 5th, 2019 5:00 pm


Classification: Firefighter/Paramedic &


Limited Term Shift Work Hourly Wages:

$3,081.00-$3,491.8 per DOQ*

*Wages and benefits subject to approval by Board or Directors*


Part-Time Shift Work Hourly Wages:

Firefighter 1/EMT - $13.00/hour

Firefighter 1/EMT/Driver 1A - $14.00/hour

Firefighter 1/Paramedic - $16.00/hour

Firefighter 1/Paramedic/Driver 1A - $17.00/hour


Includes $450.00 per month Paramedic incentive pay




This position description is broadly written and shall be interpreted to include, rather than exclude, duties and responsibilities that are reasonably similar to those written herein.  This person will function as an integral member of a team of firefighters and paramedics to accomplish a series of tasks associated with the position and will be supervised by higher classified personnel.


Limited benefits will be paid by the District.  Worker’s compensation insurance will be provided as required by state law.  Additionally PERS will be Paid at 2.7% at 57.


Part-Time employment, no benefits will be paid by the District. Worker’s compensation insurance will be provided as required by state law.


The positions are at will and can be terminated by the District without cause.




This is a part-time temporary position with the District.  Personnel in all classifications are expected to perform at a high level of competency in all emergency and non-emergency activities.  This includes, but is not limited to both firefighting, fire apparatus operation and emergency medical responses.  Personnel in this classification are expected to acquire requisite skills and knowledge of the District’s operations, policies and apparatus while performing their job duties satisfactorily.


EXAMPLES OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:  The listed examples are intended to illustrate the various types of duties to be performed under this position and should not be construed to be all encompassing.


  1. The knowledge and skills necessary to safely perform the tasks required of an entry level firefighter.
  2. Respond to rescue and medical aid calls, provide emergency medical care and transport patients to the hospital.  Periodically may perform inter-facility transfers as directed.
  3. Performs daily maintenance of station, living quarters, rescue and emergency medical apparatus and equipment.
  4. As needed, serves as an apparatus or a nozzle operator in firefighting situations, including pulling working lines; holding the nozzle to direct the stream of water on the fire; and, raising, lowering and climbing ladders.
  5. Assists in ventilation, overhaul and salvage operations.
  6. Operates and maintains a variety of tools and equipment related to fire suppression and rescue activities.
  7. Cleans and tests fire hoses and fire hydrants.
  8. Participates in fire drills and training exercises.
  9. Establishes and maintains a cooperative working relationship with fellow employees and those contacted during the course of work.
  10. Communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in writing.
  11. Deal effectively and courteously with the general public.
  12. Understand and carry out oral and written directions and communications.
  13. Know and understand all aspects of the job and the District’s operations, observing and following safety rules and practices, especially when responding to emergency life support and fire suppression situations and incidents.


QUALIFICATION GUIDELINES: To be considered as a Firefighter/Paramedic or Firefighter EMT candidate an applicant must have:




The employee shall be a high school graduate or have an equivalency diploma.  To be eligible the employee shall have a California State Fire Marshal’s Fire Fighter I certificate or equivalent training and experience.




The employee shall possess and maintain at the District’s expense Paramedic or EMT certification.  The Paramedic certification is required to be recognized by the North Coast Emergency Services governing body and the State of California.


This position requires a current ambulance driver’s license and Department of Motor Vehicles Medical examination certification.


In the event of an injury or illness the Fire Chief may require a “Fit for Duty” release from the District’s physician.


PHYSICAL ABILITIES:  The position requires a great degree of physical strength, stamina, and flexibility to perform tasks.  Applicant shall possess adequate strength, endurance, and body flexibility to perform the required duties.


PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS:  The position involves relatively frequent changes in work priorities, difficult public relations, interruptions beyond the employee’s control, meeting work deadlines, and/or related mental demands.  The position also requires the ability to effectively handle interpersonal conflicts and to be consistent when dealing with fellow employees and the public under stressful conditions.


MEDICAL EXAMINATION: A medical examination and drug screening is required of all appointees.


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